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Starchy Vs Non-Starcy Vegetables

This is a question that I received from

Q:  I was recently diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes and I’m trying to follow a low fat diet.  I have a question I hope that you can answer.  Are sweet potatoes considered a vegetable and are they ok to eat in my diet?

Sweet potatoes are starchy vegetables, so they are much higher in carbohydrate than non-starchy vegetables.  Therefore, their carbohydrate content must be counted as part of your daily intake.  Half a medium sweet potato is considered one carbohydrate exchange (15 g carbohydrate).  The sweet potato is much higher in dietary fiber and lower in starch than the russet potato, and is therefore considered a better choice for those with diabetes.

If you are following a low-fat diet, cook the potatoes without using added fats or oils.  You can do this by baking or steaming them.


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