The Soup

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Q:  I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last spring.  I enjoy eating hearty soups in the fall and winter months.  Can I still eat soup?  Are there any soups that are better for me to eat than others?

Soup can be an excellent choice for people with diabetes.  In fact, research has shown that eating soup at the beginning of a meal can increase satiety, making you feel more full and causing you to consume fewer calories throughout the rest of the meal.  However, you may have to make some modifications to the soups you usually enjoy.

  • Make homemade soups whenever possible, because canned soups tend to be high in sodium.  If you must buy canned soups, choose those labeled ‘low sodium’.
  • Make sure that the soups you eat are broth based rather than cream based, because cream soups have a much higher fat content.
  • Avoid high starch ingredients like potatoes, noodles, or white rice.  You could use whole grain pasta or brown rice as a substitute.
  • Use lean meats like chicken or turkey breast in your soup rather than using beef or other high-fat meats.

As always, make sure to include lots of vegetables!  Also, bean soups are a great source of fiber, and very tasty and filling!  A great idea for a diabetes-friendly soup would be a vegetarian or ground turkey chili.


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